TPD battles all-too-common mail theft

TULSA, Okla - Police say a growing number of people are becoming victims of identity theft.
Det. Darin Shipley says new reports of mail theft come into TPD's Forgery and Fraud Unit on a weekly basis.
"It is very common," he said. "It's a shame that you can put your mail in the mailbox without having to worry about criminals coming and trying to use your information."

Shipley says while the crime is common, so are the arrests.

Including a 28-year-old woman who was caught on video taking mail from homes in south Tulsa. Police have identified her as Jennifer Steffen.

The postal service has taken on the case and she now faces federal charges.

Shipley says neighbors need to watch for people prowling around mail boxes.

Earlier this month, TPD arrested Peter Williams and wife Kafadra Crittenden after officers say the two were caught with stolen mail.
"The male was seen with a stack of fliers going into people's mail boxes. Instead he was taking mail," Shipley said. "It appears he was using that as explanation, a reason to get into people's mailboxes."

Instead of putting your outgoing mail in your mail box, police say it's best to drive it to a postal box. If you are having checks or credit cards delivered, have them sent to your bank.

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