Tire snow chains selling like hotcakes

TULSA - Green country drivers are ready to get out on the roads, even if the roads aren't ready for them.  Many drivers are strapping cables on their tires to get better traction.

"They give good traction because when you are sitting there spinning, you have nothing to bite into the concrete... but if you have chains it digs in and gets you unstuck," said Jeremy Lyle, Assistant Manager at O'Riley's Auto Parts.

Automotive stores across the city are running low on the tire cables. Workers said the demand is so high, they can't keep them in stock.

"Within 15 minutes we sold them. I mean by 10 a.m. we had a few sets and boom they were gone. When we get another shipment... boom they are gone. And we are still getting tons of phone calls for them," said Lyle.

The O'Riley's Auto Parts at 46th & S. Peoria Avenue in Midtown Tulsa is expecting a new shipment of cables late Thursday night.

"We've probably sold anywhere from 20-25 sets today. And we will be having more in because of the people. We've gotten 70-80 calls today on nothing but tire chains," said Lyle.

Shoppers interested in better traction will have two types of chains to choose from.

"One is the cable style chain and one is the tire chains. The tire chains are going to tear up the roads. The tire cables are smooth," said Lyle.

Tire cables and chains can be tricky to put on. But some stores are offering up their expertise.

"If you buy them from us we will show you how to put them on," said Lyle.

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