Tickets for Eastern Flyer passenger rail, running between Tulsa & OKC metros, selling quickly

TULSA - Tickets are selling quickly for a special passenger train service that will run between the Tulsa and Oklahoma City metropolitan areas.

For three days next month, the Eastern Flyer will transport passengers from Sapulpa to Oklahoma City.

The passengers can spend the day in Oklahoma City, then take the train back to Sapulpa that evening.

Tickets went on sale last weekend.

The Eastern Flyer sold more than 400 tickets in three days, exceeding the goal of 300.

Supporters say it shows great demand for passenger rail between the state's two largest cities.

"Obviously it shows there's a great desire for passenger rail service. There's a lot of interest in passenger rail," said Rick Westcott, chairman of Tulsa Rail Advisory Committee.

Westcott said the ultimate goal would be a permanent passenger rail linking downtown Tulsa and downtown Oklahoma City.

Tulsan, Kathryn Lyons, would also like to see a permanent passenger rail service through Tulsa.

"I think you cannot go wrong when you connect two different cities as far as business opportunities," said Lyons.

The Eastern Flyer also includes stops in Bristow and Stroud.

Business owners in Bristow see the Eastern Flyer as an opportunity to showcase their community.

"It'll be great for Bristow. Brings more people through and helps us grow," said Kathleen Clark, a Bristow business owner.

Connie Bennett, another Bristow business owner, agrees with Clark.

"It gets us exposure and there's a lot of good shopping here," said Bennett.

Ticket prices range from $64 for children under 12 traveling in standard class to $259 for adults traveling in diamond class.

For more ticket information, visit the Eastern Flyer website.

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