Thunder fans react to Westbrook injury

TULSA - Devastating.

That's how Tulsa area Thunder fans describe Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook's knee injury that team officials say will leave him out indefinitely.

Thunder fan Mary Beth Babcock, who owns Dwelling Spaces, says a customer told her about Westbrook's injury.

"No! No!," she said when she found out.

Babcock says she was at the game Thursday night when Westbrook was injured.

"It's devastating. I think it's devastating, especially this. They have just started the playoffs," said Babcock.

A few blocks away at Fassler Hall, bartender Evan Cuck watched a TV sports report ticker about Westbrook in disbelief.

"He's never missed a game, not even in high school or college," said Cuck. "I just think he's kind of unstoppable sometimes and I forget that injuries can happen to him."

Cuck says Westbrook is an integral part of the Thunder's success.

"I mean as far as his athleticism, his veracity that's what we need to challenge teams like the Heat and Spurs," Cuck said.

But Cuck remains optimistic about the Thunder's playoff chances, as does Ashley James.

James owns Must Stash, which carries an array of Thunder gear, and gear specifically of Westbrook.

James doesn't expect sales to take a hit.

"Obviously the quicker the recovery, the better. So hopefully the team will get back to normal. I think Fisher and Jackson will probably step up and things will be fine," James said.

While Thunder fans remain optimistic in the team's ability, they admit things just won't be the same without Russell Westbrook, and they hope he's not gone for long.

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