Three arrested in Muskogee fatal shooting

MUSKOGEE, Okla. - Muskogee Police say 17-year-old Ryan Satterfield was killed in a robbery attempt Wednesday night.

It was around 9 o'clock Wednesday night when police were called out to the home near 1500 E. Okmulgee Ave. neighborhood.

"The mother came because we heard her say my son and she was crying and that was really heartbreaking to hear that," said neighbor Patsy Thornton.

When emergency vehicles arrived, they found Satterfield shot to death.

"The victim's family was there it was a very emotional time, trying to, of course preserve as much evidence as we can," said Lt. Bobby Lee with the Muskogee Police Department.

So far police are staying tight lipped about the investigation, they won't say if Satterfield was targeted or what the suspects took in the robbery.

"We know what they were after but we're not going to release that at this time," said Lee.

18-year-olds Deandre Clark and Martin Miller are in custody. A seventeen-year-old was also arrested.

They're all facing first degree murder and robbery charges.

Neighbors are shaken by the incident.

"This community is not very big, so everybody knows everybody, for this to happen the day before Thanksgiving, I can not image the hurt the families are going through," said neighbor, Tamara Jameson.

"It really was kind of scary, because I really do feel safe here because we've never had any other problems," said neighbor, Patsy Thornton.

Neighbors hope police have some answers soon.

"You don't think about things like this happening in Muskogee, Oklahoma. You think about things happening in Oklahoma City or Tulsa, big cities, not right across the street from your moms," said Jameson.

Police are searching for two more suspects. Anyone with information can call Muskogee Crime Stoppers at (918) 682-COPS.

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