35 more dogs pulled from home of woman who gave up 25 dogs only 2 days before

TULSA - Officials from the Department of Health, Tulsa Police Department and animal control were once again called to a home full of dogs Wednesday, pulling even more than the 25 removed from the property only two days earlier.

City officials received a tip Wednesday that dozens were still inside the north Tulsa home, located near East Tecumseh and North Lewis Avenue. 

Thirty-five dogs, mostly Chihuahua-pug mixes, were ultimately taken from the residence Wednesday, all of which were reportedly living inside the home.

On Monday, Tulsa animal welfare officers only hauled off dogs outside at the time.

ORIGINAL STORY: 'North Tulsa woman hands over 25 dogs' (http://bit.ly/1eaCgmq)

The woman who called in the tip said she's an ex-family member. She doesn't want to identify herself but called the home "unlivable."

The woman said the homeowner is in her mid-60s and hoards dogs, clothes and trash among other things. She said it's a problem dating back more than 20 years and, to top it all off, there's no running water at the home.

"They sleep with her so they use the bathroom on the bed. She would just cover it up with newspaper," she said.

Justin Williams, one of the officers called to the property Monday, called the homeowner a perpetual problem for his department.

"It's a rotating door. We write her tickets. She goes to court, pays her fines and just keeps doing what she's doing," he said of the woman, who has not been identified. "So that's why we're trying to take a different route today." 

That route, a compromise in which the dogs would be sent to the Humane Society of Tulsa in exchange for no filing of criminal charges, was again followed Wednesday.

The recent influx of dogs, 60 in all, is expected to cause significant strain on the Humane Society. Officials with the rescue center said Wednesday the dogs will fill the facility. Some of the animals, they said, would have to be housed in two mobile units until space could be made.

To donate to the Humane Society or to look into adopting one of the dogs, visit  www.tulsapets.com/.

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