Thieves steal truck, trailer full of motorcycle racing equipment from Black Thunder Racing team

A massive theft has crippled a motorcycle racing team here in Green Country. 


Thieves stole almost $100,000 worth of equipment this weekend from the founder of the Black Thunder Racing team in Catoosa. David Chaney has no idea who stole the truck and trailer full of expensive racing equipment from his driveway sometime between 11 p.m. Saturday and 8 a.m. Sunday. 


"Just everything that you ever take to the race track is gone," Chaney said. 


When he came home late Saturday night, the white Ford truck attached to a 24-foot-long trailer filled with racing gear was still sitting in front of his house. The only traces of them now are a tire print and some broken glass where thieves apparently broke out a window to get into the truck. 


"There's well over a hundred thousand dollars worth of stuff that's just gone," he said. "I worked long and hard for 15, 20 years, bit by bit, to get that, and in a matter of minutes it's all gone."


He hopes someone will at least spot the trailer quickly since it's clearly marked with the name of his racing team. 


"(The trailer) has got a big Black Thunder Racing sign on the side of it," said team member Curt Chronister. "You can't miss it."


Nothing of Chronister's was in the trailer, but he said he still feels like a victim. 


"The team had everything stolen," he said. "I'm apart of that team, so I feel like I had something stolen."


Inside the trailer were two motorcycles, including a custom Harley Davidson of Chaney's. It also contained a three-wheeler and an untold amount of tools and clothing used by the whole racing team. 


"They're not out the amount of money that I'm out, but nevertheless their stuff's gone just as well," Chaney said. "It'll put a big dent in our racing for quite a while to come."


After living in Catoosa for 20 years, Chaney has never had anything stolen before, but he said there have been multiple reports of trailer thefts in the area recently. He imagines that's what the thieves were after when they drove away with his, though he suspects they had no idea what was actually inside it. 


"It just had to be random, I guess," he said. "They had to see the truck and trailer and decided they wanted it."


The racing team holds onto hope that they'll find all their gear soon since they have another race coming up in two weeks. Until everything is found, they have a warning for whoever stole from them. 


"There's a lot of people looking for it," Chronister said. "If somebody's got it, they just need to leave it where it's at and get the heck out of dodge."


The Catoosa Police Department is leading the investigation into the theft. If anyone has seen the equipment or knows where it is, contact Catoosa police at 918-596-9222.

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