The possibility of voting online in Oklahoma

TULSA - For photographer Barbara Bennett, Tulsa in the fall is picture perfect.

"I grew up in this part of town and these were my stomping grounds when I was little," Bennett said looking at the Arkansas River.

Bennett lives in Alaska and visits Tulsa often to check in on her mother who just celebrated her 87th birthday.

"She's on a walker. She's relatively housebound so she hasn't been able to vote," Bennett said.

This year in Alaska, residents can vote early for President of the United States online.

Bennett says she wishes online voting would be made available in Oklahoma for her mom who is relatively housebound and hasn't been able to vote.

"The impact it has on an overlooked segment of the population that simply loses their voice as they age because they can't leave the house, I think that's tremendous," Bennett said. "It's just one vote, that's the point, it is one vote and I believe that every vote counts."

While online voting may be helpful to many, one Oklahoma lawmaker says he has concerns.

"Until we have good solid evidence that online voting cannot be manipulated and we can verify that the person voting online is actually the person who is registered to vote, I would be very skeptical of online voting," said State Sen. Rick Brinkley, R-Owasso.

Even though online voting is not available in Oklahoma, those with limited mobility have options.

"If they're physically incapacitated, not able to drive or if they're taking care of somebody, they can vote on an absentee ballot. All they would have to have is two witnesses," Tulsa County Election Board Secretary Patty Bryant said.

Alaska election officials tell 2NEWS they have not had any problems with early voting online.

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