The Nowata police chief has filed complaints against employees at the sheriff's office

NOWATA, Okla. - The Washington County District Attorney is reviewing some allegations of wrong-doing.

They are against employees at the Nowata County Sheriff's Office and county courthouse.

The complaints were filed by the Nowata Chief of Police.

According to the district attorney, Kevin Buchanan, he's reviewing 12 to 15 affidavits. He's not sure if there will be criminal charges.

"They are having an argument between themselves, the sheriff's office doesn't like the police department, police department doesn't like the sheriff's office as the stories are being told," said Nowata Mayor, Joe Slack.

Slack says it's frustrating to see trouble like this in his city.

"Get everybody in the same room and sit down and have a chat and find out who's got what problems and how can we correct this," he said.

That hasn't happened, so Nowata residents will just have to wait until Buchanan makes a ruling.

"Whether it's going on into court or it's putting it all into a trash can and going back to work to try and straighten things out," said Slack.

Others say it's not so simple.

Nowata City Commissioner, Judy Hesslen says residents around Nowata are fearful because they feel they can't trust the officers patrolling the city.

"They're concerned about being arrested or getting in trouble for no reason, if they don't agree with the politics around here," said Hesslen

According to Hesslen, the problem isn't with the sheriff's office, but with Nowata Police Chief, Charles McClellan.

"The one they call the chief of police, I know him, and he just doesn't get along with people very well," she said.

"My opinion is, the sheriff and his deputies are doing a fine job," said Hesslen.

Both Hesslen and the mayor hope the matter comes to a close soon.

"We have got to get the sheriff's office and the police department and the county government and the city government all on the same page and right now, we're not," said Slack.

Both the Nowata police chief and the sheriff declined to be interviewed on the matter.

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