The free federal money Okla. schools get for meeting Common Core standards may now have restrictions

JENKS, Okla. - Administrators at one of Oklahoma's largest school districts aren't worried about the State Supreme Court's decision to uphold the repeal of Common Core.

Executive Director of Teaching & Learning at Jenks, Shan Glandon, said the district has higher standards than Common Core, one based off national research.

Glandon said repealing C.C. will only force minimal changes on Jenks. However, the director worries about free money which comes along with C.C.

Right now, Jenks gets about $970, 000 a year from the federal government for meeting Core standards. Since Oklahoma is longer using C.C., the federal government may force Jenks to use money one certain way- place restrictions on it. In the past, the District used it freely- to hire more teachers and send them to workshops.

"We are continuing to grow our understanding of how best to teach mathematics, continue to grow our understanding of what builds strong readers in the district. We will continue the journey and path we are on," said Glandon.

Glandon said if you're worried your child's school not having its own standards and expectations for teachers, talk to the principal.

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