The Biggest Loser: Sapulpa police officer David Jones, of Kiefer, recaps week 4 - Pay it forward

Sapulpa police officer David Jones is a contestant on season 14 of The Biggest Loser. Each week, he will send us his thoughts after Monday's episode. David is still on the show. His starting weight was 307 pounds.

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Pay it Forward

In Week 3, America saw Cate go home, and then just as we got back in the house from the weigh-in, we found out that we'd be without out trainers for the week.  Yikes!

The first word that went through my mind when I thought of workouts without Bob was: intensity.  Personally I knew I could do the work; I knew the routines, but there is absolutely nothing like having Bob Harper in your ear to push you to 100%. This was going to be tough.

This episode saw a lot of air time for the kids. The trainers went to their homes this week, and we saw how they were living their new lifestyles and how they were introduced to new challenges.

Then Action Jackson showed up! I wish a little more of "Jackson in Charge" had made this episode. He really did turn a corner, and came into his own, and he deserves a lot of credit for Red Team's success on this episode.

The challenge this week was a 5k. That was something that no one on the ranch this year had even tried.

It was held at Long beach and it was a beautiful day, right up to the point where the wind picked up to a good 45 mph right in the middle of the race.

Of course, because of my leg injury, I was sidelined again. I did get to stand on the stage to start the race, and fortunately for America, my singing the national anthem along with the emcees didn't make the cut. I was awful. The best I did was making a joyful noise.

But the White Team came through, and Pam and Danni split the $15,000 first place prize.

Having "Mom and Dad" with us for the Last Chance Workout was every bit the nightmare you might think it would be. Two sets of eyes on everything you did, and they gave no quarter. When Jillian and Jeff got into it I was on the ERG machine and the row machine, and just kept working with my mouth shut. 

The end of Week 4 saw the Red Team win, and Blue Team stayed safe. I lost 9 pounds this week, and to be honest, I was a little surprised at that number. No 5k to help with a great calorie burn that everyone else got, and a different workout regimen than the others. So I guess I put enough work in and Bob was pretty happy with the number as well.

The White Team lost, and Pam, a wonderful, wonderful person was sent home. She is doing great and I can't wait to see her again. And that means the White Team is down to one person!

Next week, things really ramp up.

The workouts get harder, emotions run higher, and everyone at the ranch puts in everything they've got! Thanks for watching and stay strong.  Remember, every time you go into that gym…..KILL IT!

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