Testimony continues in Brooks' lawsuit against hospital

CLAREMORE, Okla. - Testimony continues Thursday in Claremore where Garth Brooks has taken an Oklahoma hospital to court.

The country music star told 2NEWS during a live interview that Wednesday's testimony by Integris Canadian Valley Hospital President James Moore took him by surprise.

Moore indicated that a women's center for which Brooks made a donation was never going to be built.

Brooks says the hospital trustees tried to use his fame to expand their hospital and get more donors.

In the end, Brooks says he donated $500,000 in exchange for the right to name the women's center after his late mother.

"There's been miscommunication throughout this whole thing," said Brooks.  "I think the big thing today was the fact that never was there intended to be a women's center built or never has that even been brought up to the board so that was an enlightening day and a hurtful day because this was going to be a great idea."

Integris, which owns the hospital, says an agreement was never made.

"Even though ideas might have been thrown out, there was no specific agreement," said Hardy Watkins, Integris vice president of communications.  "Somebody might say $500,000, a million dollars, they are indicating a significant donation but there was no significant agreement these dollars would be used for this."

The trial resumed at 9:30 a.m.

2NEWS Reporter Liz Bryant is following Thursday's testimony.  She'll have more on 2NEWS at 6 p.m.

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