Testimony continues in Amber Hilberling trial, wife accused of pushing husband from high-rise

TULSA - Testimony continued Thursday in the trial of a woman accused of pushing her husband through the window of their high-rise apartment in 2011.

Amber Hilberling is charged with second-degree murder. Prosecutors say she pushed Joshua Hilberling from their 25th-floor apartment. He fell 17 stories and landed face down on the eighth-floor parking garage.

Hilberling filed a wrongful death lawsuit in 2012, claiming the apartment had dangerously thin windows and her husband's fall was an accident; however, her defense attorney said during opening statements Wednesday that it was self defense and they did not deny Hilberling pushed her husband. 

She said Hilberling is finally ready to tell her side of the story.

When testimony continued Thursday, three detectives who responded to the scene took the stand. They said nothing in the apartment seemed disturbed other than the window and there appeared to be no sign of a struggle in contrast to the defense's claim that the Hilberlings were engaged in a heated argument.

Medical examiner Joshua Lanter took the stand, who confirmed Hilberling's death was a homicide.

The defense criticized the lack of some evidence collection by investigators. They say police failed to test flesh, blood and hair that remained on the window sill for DNA. The detectives testified it could only have come from one person and the prosecutor added DNA wouldn't explain why Hilberling pushed her husband.

Prosecutors showed video and photographs from the scene Thursday, including the window and Joshua Hilberling's body. Hilberling sat with eyes lowered, never looking up to the images. 

Inside the apartment was a packed bag full of Joshua Hilberling's and a partially empty closet, which the prosecution says supports the idea that he was leaving. Hilberling's cell phone was also found next to his body and not in his pocket, leading the detectives to believe he was attempting to make a call prior to falling. 

On Wednesday, Hilberling's father testified his son called him the day he died, saying he was leaving and getting a divorce and he needed a ride, but Patrick Hilberling couldn't pick his son up at the time. He suggested he call DVIS (Domestic Violence Intervention Group).

Several other witnesses took the stand for the prosecution Wednesday, including a neighbor who testified he heard running and a loud crash, followed by a woman screaming, "Oh my God. Oh my God." When he went out to his balcony he saw Joshua Hilberling laying face down on the parking garage.

A second witness, a glass repairman who was fixing a different window in the couple's bedroom, said he heard the crash and moments later Amber Hilberling was screaming, "I pushed my husband out the window. I killed him." They went together to find Joshua Hilberling and when they reached him, he said Amber turned him over.

The prosecution also said there is a taped confession in which Hilberling says to her grandmother, "He was messing with the TV and I pushed him."

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