Testimony begins against Willie Wise, one of two suspects charged in 2012 Best Buy shooting

Testimony began today against a man accused of murdering two Tulsa men at a midtown Tulsa Best Buy in 2012.

Willie Wise is one of two men charged with two counts of first degree murder in the shooting.

The state began its case presentation by calling the 12-year-old daughter of Graydon Brown, the innocent bystander who was shot and killed at July 14, 2012 .

The girl, who the district attorney's office has asked that she be referred to as M.B., testified that she went to Best Buy with her father to buy her mother a birthday present.

She told jurors that after checking out with a VCR, which the state called a Blu-Ray player in opening statements, her interest was peaked by a stand containing DVDs.

It was there, she told the court, that she heard a loud bang. She said she heard father say, "Oh my God," before falling on his back.

M.B. said she thought her father was kidding and didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

She testified that she would later learn from a police officer that her father had been shot.

He later died.

Scott Norman, 34, was also killed that day.

M.B. was not cross examined.

Next, the state called Shania Craven, the cousin of Jermey Foster,  the second defendant in the shooting, 

Craven testified that Wise admitted to killing Norman, saying "Bro, I got him," once Craven, Wise and Foster left the Best Buy parking lot.

Craven said that Wise told them he said, "GIP Hyphy," to Norman before shooting him.

GIP refers to gangster in paradise and Hyphy was the name of a known gangster believed to have died at the hands of Norman in 2008.

The state called Norman's death a revenge killing.

Craven said Wise also celebrated the fact he earned a "stripe" for the shooting.

Before arriving at Best Buy, Craven testified that she and Foster were at Promenade Mall shopping for Foster when they eventually met up with Wise.

She said Wise got in her car with Foster and told them, "They going to Best Buy," referring to Norman and Norman's brother.

It was at the Best Buy, the state says, that Wise killed both men.

In cross examination, the defense worked to discredit Craven, who admitted to lying to police the first time she was interviewed by them about the Best Buy shooting.

The state also called a former employee of Best Buy.

Zach Stegman testified he was working a register when he heard what he described as popping near the entrance of the.

He testified it was there that he saw Brown clutch his chest before falling to the ground.

He said he heard Brown's daughter scream, "Daddy, daddy. Someone please help my daddy."

Stegman said he rushed toward the girl to remove her from the scene and placed her with another employee.

He said he also called 911. 

Foster will stand trial at a later date.

Both Foster and Wise have plead not guilty.

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