Terlton wildfires 'under control' after burning three days, destroying more than 2,500 acres

TERLTON, Okla. -- People in Terlton finally rested easy Tuesday night after a wildfire burned three days straight .

Pawnee County Emergency Manager Mark Randell said the fire is finally under control, but a few firefighters are staying there, monitoring small pockets smoldering in the woods.

Randell estimated 2,500 acres burned since Sunday night.

"My stress level has gone through the roof" said Quazar Murray, a Terlton resident.

Murray was mowing his yard Tuesday evening, creating a path for firefighters to drive up and down his property.

"I'm not scared of much, truly I'm not, but you have to respect a man who will go into a fire and fight it for someone else," Murray said.

Across the street in a field, Oklahoma Air Guard units took off in a helicopter after they latched on a bucket to drop water.

Also, firefighters chopped down trees with a bulldozer creating a "fire break."

Randell said the fire kept re-sparking because of dry trees, low humidity and gusty winds.

He said cedar trees would "burst" spreading embers everywhere.

"I'm a little less stressed than I was yesterday, the day before was even worse," Randell said. "The first few nights, I went about 40 hours straight before I got any rest."

As for Murray, he believes mowing down his grass also saved his home.

"I don't have to stress no more. We're going over to my friend's house, the one we stayed at last night, to have a barbecue and relax. That will make it a lot easier" said Murray.

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