Tera Mattingly's Facebook post about Oologah Lake incident with law enforcement goes viral

ROGERS COUNTY, Okla. - A Tulsa woman posted her story to Facebook Monday about a run-in with law enforcement in Rogers County.  Within hours the post went viral, gathering thousands of comments and "Likes" across a number of different Facebook pages.

Tera Mattingly tells a story that began with a trip to Oologah Lake. She says she took her young daughter and a 15-year-old she sometimes looks after to enjoy Clermont Park Saturday afternoon.

Mattingly says she and the children were locked inside the park when the gates closed at sundown.

By the end of the outing, Mattingly says she and the children were left without a vehicle and harassed by several members of the Rogers County Sheriff's Office.

Read Mattingly's account of the incident here (http://bit.ly/MattinglyFB)

2NEWS received hundreds of pleas asking us to investigate, and Tuesday our crews looked into those allegations.

In police video, Mattingly admitted she tried to ram the gate with her car to get out. When that didn't work, she tried to drive around but ended up getting her car stuck on a cable barrier.

Below is video recorded from the scene. Portions of the video contain adult language.

BBBELMattingly called the Rogers County Sheriff's Office for help and says the deputy who responded was both rude and unhelpful and even endangered their lives by leaving them on a dark rural road.

In her post, Mattingly said, "I am absolutely appalled at how we were treated and feel the public NEED TO KNOW about this corrupt behavior."

In less than 24 hours after posting, her story accrued more than 8,000 "Likes" and 1,200 comments on our Facebook page. Some users have demanded the firings of Capt. Adam Hull and the other responding deputies.

Hull has denied nearly everything in Mattingly's post.
"People read this and took it as gospel. They read and thought, 'Oh my goodness! How are these guys going to get away with threatening this girl this way?'," said Hull. "This story is totally made up. This incident did occur. But not all the way she described it on on Facebook."

Mattingly was not arrested but she was cited by park rangers. 

A tow truck driver freed her car but towed it after learning she didn't have a AAA membership and Mattingly refused to pay.

"We did everything we could to keep her out of jail that night, everything to try and appease her," said Hull. "We offered to take her somewhere safe that night because her car was being taken away. And this is the payback we get."

Tulsa police confirm Mattingly was arrested for assault in Tulsa in January 2012. According to the TPD report, Mattingly drunkenly assaulted an individual and broke items in an acquaintance's home.

In 2005, she was convicted for drug possession, larceny and obstruction of an officer in Rogers County.

As of Tuesday evening, Mattingly had not responded to our request for an interview.

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