Temporary jail overcrowding measure at David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center lifted

TULSA - Despite still holding more inmates than bedding, Tulsa County will begin holding municipal prisoners Friday.

Last week, sheriff Stanley Glanz ordered the David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center to stop accepting municipal prisoners. As of April 12, the jail held 1,926 prisoners, record numbers for the facility.

"We don't have the clothing, the bedding, the blankets, the food [or] the medical providers," Tulsa County Sheriff's Office Maj. Shannon Clark said at the time.

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The justice center, equipped with only 1,714 beds, reduced the number of jailed by 250 over a six-day period, Glanz said Thursday, allowing for the temporary injunction to be lifted.

In a TCSO press release, Glanz recognized the jail is still exceeding its maximum capacity, but said operations are "efficient enough" that the decision could be made.

When the halt was first enacted, Clark attributed the jail's overcrowding to an uptick in violent crime and a poor economy, both of which showed no signs of changing in such a limited time. 

But Glanz said his office will "remain vigilant" in identifying methods to reduce the jail population, and said the decision was "in the best interest of public safety."

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