Task force takes aim at meth trade in Westville

WESTVILLE, Okla. - Northeastern Oklahoma Law enforcement agencies took aim at the meth trade along the Oklahoma border from Arkansas on Thursday.

In a show of unprecedented force in the small community of Westville, dozens of area deputies, police officers and members of the District 27 and District 13 task forces -- pulled people over for traffic violations. But they were really in search of drug trade evidence.

It didn't take long for their efforts to pay off. Multiple traffic stops turned up methamphetamine and marijuana. Another turned up a cache of drugs, paraphernalia and a meth lab hidden behind a rim in the back of the truck.

Another meth lab was found in a home in the neighboring town of Watts.
"Without this much help, we couldn't do it," said Jeremy Alverson, Westville police investigator.

He says with only five full time officers and few reserves, there's no way they can deal with the influx of drug traffic over the state line, without the help of these other agencies.

"Unfortunately they learn our routines. They know there is only one officer at a time," said Alverson. "That one officer can't do it all. To have this kind of support is outstanding."
Several arrests were made on Thursday. Officers also collected evidence in a number of other investigations that they believe will lead to more charges in the future.

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