Judge declines to file charges against Caisen Green, who posted dead pit bull photo on Facebook

A Cherokee County judge has dropped an animal cruelty charge against a teen who allegedly killed a stray pit bull last month.

Feb. 14, Caisen Green, 18, posted a photo on his Facebook account with the caption, "For all you pit lovers out there. Here's what happens when one shows up around my house."

The photo immediately received local, nationwide and worldwide attention, and eventually led to death threats

According to a report from undersheriff Jason Chennault, Green was practicing archery in his yard, when he was approached by two stray dogs. Green said he attempted to "shoo the dogs away," but one of the dogs – a pit bull – remained, began snarling at him and charged him. He testified that while the animal was about eight yards away, he shot it with an arrow behind the left shoulder.

Green faced a charge of cruelty to animals, which carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

Thursday afternoon, Cherokee County Assistant District Attorney Jack Thorp declined to file formal charges for the crime.

"According to the statement given by Green, he felt he acted in self defense, and possibly in defense of others, as he mentioned a younger brother and sister," Thorp said in a statement Thursday. "While I have endeavored to 'disprove' Green's claim of self-defense from the pit bull, I have not been able to do so."

The report reviewed by Thorp included investigation from Chennault and a statement from Green, along with the photo from Facebook.

"I cannot find that probable cause exists to order the arrest of Green," Thorp continued.

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