Suspect killed in officer-involved shooting

TULSA - Tulsa police take down a man who they call a dangerous suspect.
Police shot and killed 44-year old Donald Hallet early Thursday morning.

Investigators say they had been working for days to find Hallet, who is a suspect in a recent shooting.

Rosalie Flores has lived in the neighborhood at 10th & S. Birmingham Ave for close to a decade.  She says noticed an increase in unfamiliar traffic recently.

"I've been noticing a couple surveillance vehicles, but there's a lot of activity in this neighborhood," said Flores.
Flores says when she woke up to gunshots she wasn't surprised, but when she heard a man was killed it was a different story.

"That was surprising, yes, especially knowing it was right down the street from us," said Flores.

The man shot and killed was 44 year-old Donald Hallet.

"We kept hearing people say he's here, he's there ever since that shooting occurred, we've been tracking him to different locations but we've always been behind him," said Sgt. Dave Walker with the Tulsa Police Department.

According to police, Hallet is responsible for a recent shooting and he is a known drug dealer.

"He wasn't really going to ground, he continued his drug sales so we were tracking those," said Walker.

Hallet is a suspect in the November 20 that happened at a Motel 6 in north Tulsa.

The victim, 25 year old Lucas Knight, is still fighting for his life at a local hospital according to his family.

"Obviously a very dangerous individual," said Walker.

Investigators say they had been getting tips about Hallet's movements.

"People were just telling us that he wasn't going to go without a fight," said Walker.

According to investigators Hallet had a shotgun strapped to his back when police found him, he initially ran but when officers caught up with him he pointed the weapon at them.

"No other recourse in this situation than what they did," said Walker.

Flores says she's just relieved a potentially dangerous man is no longer prowling her neighborhood.

"As long as our families and our neighborhood our is protected, it makes me feel like the police did what they had to do," said Flores.

This the 8th officer involved shooting this year according to TPD.  Meanwhile, four officers have been placed on routine administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.  Police say their names will be released at a later time.

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