Sullivan responds to Obama's speech

OKLAHOMA CITY - President Barack Obama spoke in the Sooner state Thursday, defending his energy policies and suggesting work on the Oklahoma-Texas pipeline be sped up.

The president addressed a crowd of about 100 in a pipeyard near Cushing, Okla.

Obama says millions of acres have been opened up for drilling across the country since he took office, but the challenge is in delivering material to refineries.

In response to the president's speech, Oklahoma Republican Congressman John Sullivan, vice chairman of the Energy and Power Subcommittee, says Obama is trying to take credit for the fast-tracking of the pipeline, despite lobbying against it last week.

"This is a case of the president trying to claim credit, where credit isn't due - he not only rejected the Keystone pipeline, but he personally lobbied to stop it just last week," said Sullivan. "The American people, suffering under the weight of high gas prices, are sick and tired of political games and photo ops like what the President is doing in Cushing today."

Sullivan continued: "Until President Obama stops saying no to the oil and gas resources in our own backyard, American taxpayers will continue to send $1 billion per day overseas for OPEC oil and we continue having to deal with unpredictable price hikes at the pump.  Approving the full Keystone XL pipeline will open the doors to new oil markets in Canada, North Dakota and Montana and allow us to use our own oil and gas to protect our energy security and create private sector American jobs."

2NEWS Reporters Sara Goldenberg and Casey Roebuck will have more coverage on the president's speech on 2NEWS at 5 and 6.

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