Stolen Buffalo Bills autographed football found on eBay, suspect arrested in Tulsa burglary spree

TULSA - A burglary victim struck back and helped take down the burglars who police believe victimized their home and then tried to sell the loot online.

"We have lived here for 15 years and nothing has ever happened," said Teresa Collins.

Teresa Collins and her children remain shaken after thieves burglarized their cars and a building behind their home last week.

They got away with her 8-year old son's bike, some sunglasses and an autographed football the Collins' have owned for 20 years. The ball is signed by 10 former Buffalo Bills players who played in the Super Bowl.

Thinking there was little chance of ever getting it back, Teresa kept an eye on ebay on the off chance the thieves would try and sell the football online. Then a few days ago, she found it for sale.
"It was actually listed in Tulsa. So when I saw it I was so excited!," says Collins. "I was like okay, I've got to call the police."

Burglary detective BJ Bennett used Teresa's eBay account to communicate with the seller. He set a meeting to buy the football in person for $250.

The bust happened on Wednesday.

"She actually brought the football inside the business. We talked for a little while longer. And I said 'all right, I know everything I need to know. I'm det. BJ Bennett with the Tulsa Police Department. And you're under arrest,'" he said. 

Brooke Pendlay was arrested for knowingly concealing stolen property.
She was also wanted for selling stolen property from other burglaries at area pawn shops and using stolen credit cards. She will be likely charged with three cases.

But Bennett believes she and another man are responsible for a string of midtown Tulsa burglaries.

"We are doing follow-ups," Bennett said. "But I've linked her to about 15."

Teresa is relieved to have the football back. But more importantly, she says the arrest is helping restore her son's sense of security.

"So it was great for him to see that bad guys really do get caught," Collins said. "That was our big thing."    

Police say this case is still open and more arrests are expected. If you can help, call Crime Stoppers at 918-596-COPS.

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