State, local leaders praise progress of I-44 widening project, completion slated for June 2014

TULSA - A major highway expansion project nearly eight years in the making is almost complete.

The I-44 widening project is set to be complete in a matter of months.

According to ODOT, the Lewis Avenue bridge is expected to be complete in June.

Traffic below the bridge has already shifted to the six newly-expanded lanes.

On Thursday, state and local leaders visited the bridge to get a look at the progress.

The $400 million project, which stretches from Yale to Riverside, made several traffic and safety improvements in addition to widening and improving the interstate.

Crews reconstructed intersections, onramps and frontage roads in the area.

Though it's been a change for drivers and nearby businesses, leaders say it's progress.

After viewing the progress, Gov. Mary Fallin joined Sen. Jim Inhofe, Mayor Dewey Bartlett and other leaders to sign a piece of steal that will be part of the Lewis Avenue Bridge pylon.

Meanwhile, drivers are asked to be patient just a little longer.

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