State Department of Education postpones new A through F report cards for Oklahoma schools

TULSA - A contentious new report card for Oklahoma schools scheduled to be released Monday has been postponed.

The State Department of Education was set to release the new A through F rankings for Oklahoma's schools but officials tabled a vote on the acceptance of the report cards for another month, according to Tulsa superintendent Keith Ballard.

Ballard praised the state board for listening to superintendents' concerns.

Around 300 Oklahoma school superintendents, including Ballard, are against the rankings. Opponents say the new system's grading formula is too tough and expects too much of growth. 

Now they want time for the system to be tweaked and checked for inaccuracies.

"Just as we would expect our teachers to be very, very careful for our teachers to make sure that they are fair, that they can explain it, that they understand it before they assign a grade -- so too should our State Department of Education," said Sand Springs superintendent Lloyd Snow. "So should we as leaders. I don't want my grandchildren to be confused why they are doing so well, but their school might not be."

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