Money Saving Apps

TULSA - Working eight to 10 hours a day. Preparing dinner for your family. Getting your kids to soccer practice. Running countless errands.

Who has time to cut coupons or research the best deals?

We've tried to make it easy for you by putting together a list of smartphone apps that can help you save money, and time!


The app offers hundreds of circulars directly to your phone. Skip the newspaper and clipping coupons, and take your phone to the store. You can pull up the circular on the phone and if it has coupons, take it through the check out line and scan it directly off your phone. You can also pull up a competitor's circular and request the cashier to match the price. Most of the time, they will! Available now on iPad, soon on iPhone. Cost: $1.99 one time


Find a product you want to buy, scan the barcode with your phone, and immediately pull up a list of what stores have it at the cheapest price. Buy the product on your phone instantly or go to the local store that has it the cheapest. Our mom walked across a parking lot and saved almost $15 on a toy for her child. It also saves all your prior searches in case you aren't ready to buy immediately, or if you want to save for your spouse to buy as a gift for you later. Cost: Free


It is a daily deal kind of app. Type in your zipcode and it offers deals that local businesses are offering. You can buy it right on your phone. Example: A recent deal was a $55 chemical peel offered by a local doctor. 65% savings with $125 value. Cost: Free

Grocery IQ:

This app allows you to keep a running list of groceries you regularly buy. You can mark items for purchase and then it will compile a list and include which items you marked have coupons. You can then take the phone into the store for scanning of that coupon, or if stores don't do the scanning, you can send to your printer to take paper copies. Cost: Free


Take a picture of any book, DVD, or video game and instantly find the price of the product and who has it for less. This app also has a barcode scanner. We scanned a book in the newsroom and it listed five or six stores that have it ranging in price from $20 to $40. You can also place the order directly from your phone, and skip the trip to the store! Cost: Free


See the store's weekly ad instantly or click on the Great Save Event or see clearance items. Buy all the products you need without getting into your car! You can also arrange by price. One mom we talked to said she bought some shoes for $9.99 while sitting at the stop light! And, she had them delivered to her home. Cost: Free


You don't have to have the barcode to search for a product you want. This one allows you to type in the name of the product you need or browse by shopping category. We typed in a popular hair care product and it found it in many sizes and price ranges. Like the others, it does have a barcode option and saves your searches. Cost: Free

Living Social:

Same as Groupon, but also shows you deals instantly in surrounding cities. Great for vacationing. Cost: Free


Secure site that lets you manage your money in one place. In addition, it offers ways to save money by pointing our checking and savings accounts and even credit cards that have better interest rates, fees, and rewards that you are currently using. Cost: Free


Find the cheapest gas prices wherever you are! The app breaks down your search by fuel grade, price, or distance. And, if you set up a profile, you can earn points to win free gas. Great for traveling, and easy to use. Cost: Free

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