Spavinaw appoints new interim police chief a week after agents arrested its chief for molestation

A small Oklahoma town has a new police chief. Spavinaw's board of trustees appointed Bill Curtsinger as interim police chief.

Curtsinger told 2News he has close to 30 years experience and this is his third time he's served as Chief in a town.

"It's kind of like the old fashion community policing, you get to know the people in the community and they get to know you" said Cursinger who will be in office six months until board members figure out what's next.

This comes one week after Spavinaw Police Chief 75-year-old Clarence Gregory's arrest.

State agents say Gregory admitted to inappropriately touching two teenage family members ages 13-years-old and 15-years-old.

Gregory estimated he started touching the girls the last two years at his house, but one teen told investigators it started six years ago.

His excuse is "to instruct them on what not to let boys do to them", the arrest affidavit states.

Gregory's step-son texted 2News "we are still in shock. At this point a little anger is creeping in. This event has been emotionally devastating to my mom."

Kathi Smith initially defended the man she calls "brother bear" but since he admitted the allegations her perception changed.

"Having it be the police chief and having it be a person at church is one thing. But someone you really knew and put all your faith and trust in, it's like it punched us all in the gut. Big sucker punch" Smith said.

Spavinaw's Mayor Jim Winn said his friend is now getting right with God. "Just like when a loved one passes on, the family has to go on. We just lost a police chief and got another one and we'll keep going on."

Spavinaw will continue to pay Gregory $300 a month until he goes through the legal process. It's city policy.

The town of 400 has gone through a lot of tests recently. Last April, the people voted out the city council and the police chief resigned. Two days later, a tornado swept through. For the last eleven months Gregory reigned as Chief.

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