Skiatook voters elect first ever City Council after entering city status

SKIATOOK, Okla. - For the first time in Skiatook's history, voters took to the polls Tuesday to cast ballots for the city's first ever City Council.

Tuesday, voters cast ballots for the seven-member Council.


Citizens voted in November to shed their town status and officially become the city of Skiatook.

"I think it's long overdue and well needed. As we grow it's a new opportunity to be able to have different and diverse businesses and we really need that," Meshell McCuen, a 34-year resident of Skiatook, said. 

Voters say they hope the change will bring more growth and opportunity to the city.

"I think it will help with getting rid of the cronyism and things of that nature that was going on in the town," Skiatook voter Blake Hanna said.

Citizens of Skiatook say it's time to move the old town forward and attract more people to the city.

"There's a lot of opportunity and space that's not being used...we need someone that's willing to make an economic difference and bring some new businesses in," McCuen said.

McCuen says she very excited and hopeful about new ideas city leaders will bring to city. She's encouraged by the new municipal upgrade and the city's rebranding.

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