Half of the city of Skiatook without power; GRDA supplies city power, on way to address the issue

SKIATOOK - Update 9:15 p.m. Skiatook Public Works Director, Brad White says the switches were left open when they should have been closed, which cut off power to about 2,800 people.

White says about 1,400 residents are still without power. 

Three GRDA crews are on scene and will keep working until they can close the power switches and restore all of the power, White said.

White said to contact Skiatook Police if you have any medical emergencies.

Update 8 p.m. GRDA is trying one more option to get power back on. If it doesn't work crews will bring in a portable substation, police say. It could be morning before the substation gets to Skiatook and residents power is restored. 

Update 5:45 p.m. GRDA is still working on the outage problem, but If the issue is not resolved within an hour they plan reroute the city temporarily to another substation to hopefully restore power, according to the Facebook page.

Approximately half of the city is without power in Skiatook, according to the City of Skiatook Facebook page.

Skiatook Police say they lost power around 1:15 p.m. on Saturday.

Crews are working to detect the source of the issue, but they think the Grand River Dam Authority, who supplies the city power, may be having an issue with one of its substations, according to the Facebook page.

Skiatook Police say crews are on scene and working on getting power restored.

Residents are asked to report any issues such as lines down or loud pops to 918-396-2424, and give the operator the address, according to the Facebook page.


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