6-year-old Tulsa student placed on wrong school bus; mother is concerned for son's safety

Found wandering street

TULSA - A mother is questioning an elementary school's bus practices after her 6-year-old son was found wandering alone in a parking lot Wednesday. 

Sarah Hancock says Francis Scott Key Elementary, a Tulsa Public Schools school, put her son on the wrong bus instead of putting him on the bus going to his daycare. 

"I have no trust in them right now," said Hancock, mother of Carson Hancock.

Sarah says three times a week she picks her son up at the bus stop near her home, but Monday and Wednesday he is supposed to take the bus to the daycare while she is attending classes. 

She tells 2NEWS on Wednesday school officials put her son on the bus he normally takes home instead of the daycare bus. She says the bus driver dropped him off at his normal bus stop and left him in the area. 

"They're letting kids off without even checking to see if their parents are here...he doesn't know which way to go," Sarah said. 

She says after the bus left the area a friend of hers found her son wandering in a parking lot. 

"I wondering if I could ever trust the school system to protect my son. To me I feel like it's neglect. He could have been kidnapped, hit by a car," Sarah said. 

TPS officials admitted Thursday that the child was placed on the wrong bus. They tell 2NEWS the principal of the school Carson attends called the mother to apologize about the situation. They say school officials are working on a solution to keep this from happening in the future. 

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