Shooting victim opens up about tragedy at Green Country Event Center

TULSA - One victim of Saturday's shooting that left five people injured opens up about the tragedy.

Toua Xiong remains in the hospital after being shot in the leg during the Hmong American Association of Oklahoma New Years Celebration at the Green Country Event Center near 31st street and Garnett Road. 

Witnesses say a man walked in the center and opened fire on nearly 400 people. The bullets hit two people in the chest and three others were shot in the arms. 

" People were all running around. So I didn't know how many got involved with getting shot.  I heard a shot and it sounded like fire crackers. And I feel like someone hit my leg. And actually someone hit it my leg and it was shot," Xiong said.  

Shortly after the shooting, detectives arrested Boonmlee, 21, and Meng Lee, 19 when police saw a suspicious vehicle leaving the scene. 

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Each face five counts of shooting with the intent to kill, possession of a firearm and possession of a firearm commission felony first offense. 

Community members met Sunday to discuss the shooting inside the same center where the incident took place. 

"We are coming together to as community leaders to find a plan of action together put in place to prevent something like this ever to happen again...l ast night was a very unfortunate event. It has never happened like this in the last 30 plus years, " Hmong community leader Linda Lor said.  

Hmong leaders say they are looking into tighter security for future events. They say they won't let the shooting stop them from having other celebrations. 

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