Sentencing phase underway for Zane Atchison, Tulsan convicted of south Tulsa double homicide

TULSA - The sentencing phase of the case against a man now convicted of two murders began Thursday.

Jurors found Zane Atchison guilty on two counts of first-degree murder Wednesday evening. He is eligible for the death penalty.

Prosecutors argued Atchison shot and killed two people near a south Tulsa QuikTrip in August 2011 in what was a murder-for-hire. 

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The intended target was 27-year-old Patrick Shawn, but prosecutors say Atchison killed 24-year-old Kaylyn Kosofsky because she witnessed the hit.

The sentencing phase could last through Friday as 12 jurors and 2 alternates listen to law enforcement officers tell their stories of run-ins with Atchison.

Prosecutors Doug Drummond and Steve Kunzweiler say Atchison doesn't care about breaking the law or hurting people. 

Atchison's attorney Gregg Graves says his client has never threatened anyone or been violent to any of the officers who arrested him.  Graves said during a robbery at Baskin Robbins a month before the murders he was neither threatening nor violent.

Later, one man took the stand. He says he now walks with a limp after Atchison shot him during a drug deal.

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Mary Kosofsky, the mother of one of the victims, took the stand Thursday afternoon, telling jurors her daughter's death changed her life.

"I think about her every night before bed," she said.

Joel Pina, who prosecutors say hired Atchison to kill Shawn, has pleaded not guilty. He is scheduled for arraignment Sept. 6.

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