Saving energy can save you money during the hot summer months

TULSA - July is traditionally one of the hottest months of the year, it's also when energy bills usually jump like the temperature.

Amy Bate is a Tulsa mom who, like many, has a fast-paced, up-beat home with two boys, who often want new toys. So saving cash when she can is key.

"Last year we replaced I would say two-thirds of the windows on our home and it has saved us at least 30 percent on our energy bills."

New windows were just the beginning. She also has two new doors with tight seals and newly planted trees to grow and offer more shade to her home.

Bate keeps the shades drawn, and keeps the temperature a bit higher when not at home. She also uses energy efficient bulbs.

TNT Security is offering its customers a way to adjust the temperature, and even turn off an electrical outlet from your cell phone.

Josh Jones usually turns down his thermostat from the car when he's about 15 minutes from home.

"When we hit the entrance of our neighborhood, we'll shut the alarm off at that point," said Jones.

The system costs about $99 to get started for pre-existing customers, and Jones says it usually pays for itself in savings over a few months to a year depending on size of home and usage.

Bate says little energy efficient changes really start to add up. And as the owner of a home cleaning service, she takes her savings to work by using microfiber quick-drying towels, only running full loads, and keeping lights off in rooms that aren't in use.

Experts say hosing down your air conditioner unit and keeping your filters clean keeps it more efficient.

Another way to save money is to use energy efficient light bulbs.

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