Sapulpa man to take cross-country trip on horseback to honor soldiers lost in recent wars

SAPULPA, Okla. - A Sapulpa man is preparing for a cross country journey to raise awareness for veterans.

Robert Rudy of Sapulpa and his horse "Star" are planning to travel west through Texas, New Mexico and California before heading east to the nation's capitol. 

"I've been planning this for about three years now. Been training hard with her, hard and heavy since last August," Rudy said. 

Rudy says his goal is to travel a total of 6,790 miles, a mile for every soldier who has died in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. He believes it is important to honor their sacrifice while also fighting for them. 

"The very people that sent you to war are now turning their backs on you when you come home and making you fight and it's just not right, " Rudy said.

Rudy says his ultimate goal is to let veterans know that there are people out there that love and care about them, even if it means saddling up and riding across the country. 

"This country shouldn't have any homeless people, much less 110,000 vets,"  Rudy said. 

Rudy says his journey is also a personal one. 

"My dad was a Vietnam vet and I watched him for 18 years fight the VA for the healthcare he shouldn't have had to fight for. But he did, and ultimately died fighting," Rudy said. 

Robert hopes to leave for his trip from Sapulpa this coming Saturday morning. He thinks it will take about 18 months to complete his journey. 

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