OSBI: Bristow woman, Beverly Noe, arrested in the 1992 deaths of two women and a 6-year-old girl

SAPULPA -- A Bristow woman has been arrested for the 1992 deaths of two women and a child.

Beverly Noe, 67, was arrested Friday morning for the murders of Wendy Camp, 23, Cynthia Britto, 6, and Lisa Kregear, 22.

According to the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation, the three had been missing since May 29, 1992, after visiting Camp’s son at the home in Shamrock, Okla. Investigators say Camp's ex-husband was also Noe's son.

Investigators say Noe picked up Camp, Britto, and Kregear in Oklahoma City. There were en route to visit Camp’s son, but police say the three victims never returned.

Noe told investigators that she dropped the three off a Walmart in Chandler. No one at the store or in the area said they saw any of the three victims that day.

In 2013, Noe’s brother, Grover Prewitt, Jr., informed Creek County District Attorney where the bodies may have been buried . OSBI and local agencies excavated the three bodies from a property owned by Prewitt and Noe’s mother, northwest of Tertlon.

Prewitt was charged as an accessory to first degree murder in July. Prewitt told investigators he dug a hole for a septic tank and that, after the women and girl disappeared, his mother asked him to fill it and sprinkle the ground with pepper to cover odors.

Prewitt  will appear in court May 2. 

The skeletal remains were identified as Camp, Britto, and Kregear. The medical examiner determined each person was a victim of homicide. 

Investigators have spent the past year collecting information that pointed to Noe and her mother Ida Prewitt as the suspects in the homicide, OSBI said in a release Friday.

OSBI also indicated that Noe had “made several revealing statements including information about the gun she used in the homicides.”

Creek County District Attorney investigators arrested Noe Friday after making a traffic stop near Drumright. She will be booked into the Creek County jail in Sapulpa. 

Noe is set to be arraigned April 4.

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