Oklahomans may experience economic impact of Hurricane Sandy

TULSA - Hurricane Sandy could have an impact on some local businesses.

There are already some delays when it comes to shipping and deliveries in and out of Green Country.

At the White River Fish Market at 1708 N. Sheridan Rd, employees say they are preparing for the possibility some of their regular items might not be readily available.

They get shipments two to three times a week from the East Coast, the Gulf and the West Coast. With the hurricane pressing in on the East Coast, they know they could see an impact.

"We made a list of things that we could possibly be a little short on, lobster, mussels, scallops, clams, cod and oysters," said longtime White River Fish market waitress Hazel Turner.

Despite the depletion, Turner says the impact will be curbed with shipments from elsewhere.

"Hopefully -- hopefully -- it may not be as devastating as they say it is," Turner said.

Look at images of the storm in our Hurricane Sandy photo gallery online. Mobile users should click this link - http:// bit.ly/ sandyphotos

Tulsa-based Melton Truck Lines doesn't ship food, but they do ship raw materials all over the country.

"When we came in this morning we had to check with all of our customers up and down the East Coast," said Russ Elliott, the Senior VP of Operations at Melton Truck Lines Inc. "Some were open and receiving for a few hours, some were already boarded up."

Elliott says the first item of business is driver safety. After that however, it's all up in the air.

"Some customers are telling us maybe Wednesday for deliveries and shipments, some don't know. Obviously we won't know the full impact until the storm is over and we know about power loss and damage," he said.

With this storm's potential reach, Elliott says they are bracing for the worst.

"This particular storm is going to have a major impact on the entire country," Elliot said. "And I say that because not only are we dealing with the immediate storm today, but this is going to have a lingering effect as we go through the week."

2NEWS also spoke with officials at Reasors.

They say they don't expect a major impact on produce or meat in their stores, but there could be some delays or shortages when it comes to specialty imports.

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