Sand Springs informant-turned-runaway tased by police, arrested on 12 Tulsa County warrants

SAND SPRINGS, Okla. - A Sand Springs man has been arrested on 12 Tulsa County warrants but may face further charges, after agreeing to be an informant for Sand Springs Police Department and then fleeing the scene.

Jarrod Paul Nichols, 39, originally informed Sand Springs police that he knew where to purchase methamphetamine, and March 7, he led officers to the location for a controlled buy of about .5 grams of meth.

"He agreed to work as an informant for the department in order to make an arrest," said SSPD Deputy Chief of Police Mike Carter.

According to reports, after about 20 minutes, a police officer went in to locate Nichols, but was unable to find him. Officers were informed that Nichols did make the buy, as the dealer had the marked bills that were originally given to Nichols, and then left out the back door.

SSPD was dispatched to a home Sunday when a female reported Nichols had hit her. Officers located Nichols on the 200 block of N. Franklin, running through the back yard.

Police tased him and were able to detain him.

Nichols 12 misdemeanor warrants included failing to pay on charges ranging from larceny to burglary to obscene phone calls, as well as a misdemeanor complaint of resisting an officer.

Carter says the charges on the March 7 incident may or may not be filed against Nichols. The case has been sent to district courts.

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