Sand Springs looks to name four districts, including downtown, Prattville and historical sites

SAND SPRINGS - Sand Springs hopes to rebrand some of its most popular areas of the city by renaming them. Tonight residents will weigh in their thoughts at a district naming workshop.

"It is an overall marketing strategy to name the districts and brings more attention to them," said City of Sand Springs marketing director Melissa Carlson.

Officials hope to give four sectors of the city, including downtown, Prattville, and historical sites where the former trolley line and mills once stood, a new identity.  

"With the success that Tulsa has had with areas like the Brady District and Blue Dome District, we hope to emulate that concept," Carlson said.

The city hopes to begin development and rebranding of the four districts in the next two to four years, Carlson said.

"There no specific details yet. The intent is to make a plan for new development and attractions in the area," she said.  

Residents brought suggestions for the four districts at a February workshop. A ballot has been prepared for attendees to narrow down the list of names at this evening's meeting.

Carlson said the Sand Springs City Council will vote on the suggested names at a June meeting.   


District Area 1 – Downtown
Triangle District
Renaissance District
Old Towne Trolley District or just Trolley District 
Statue District or Bronze District
Sand Springs Central District

District Area 2 – The Former Trolley Line
The Line District
Springs District

District Area 3 – Former Mills
Powerhouse District
Mill District
Steel District
BTW or Booker T. Washington District

District Area 4 – Prattville
Prattville District

The District Naming Workshop is tonight from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the Case Community Center, 1050 W. Wekiwa Rd.   


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