Sand Springs City Council approves renaming of four districts; officials plan future redevelopment

Monday night, the Sand Springs City Council approved the renaming of the city's four main sectors.

Sand Springs' downtown area will be renamed The Triangle District, the area of the new River West Development were a number of old factories once were will be the Powerhouse District, Charles Page Boulevard from 81st Street to Adams Road will be The Line District and Highway 97 from 41st Street to Hwy 51 will be known as The Prattville District.

The names of each area were narrowed down through two district naming workshops.

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City Manager Rocky Rogers said plans to develop marketing and signage for these districts is the next step.

"We have done this to provide possible unique incentives for each type of business in these areas," Rogers said. "We are also looking to attract the money and funding needed for redevelopment."

The city also recently updated its website, and city council will approve a new logo for Sand Springs in the coming months.

Rogers said these are just a few of the first plans to provide a "vibrant, fresh look for Sand Springs."

"In the days of Charles Page, this was an industrial city, and that has gone by the wayside in the last 30 or 40 years. Sand Springs is a different Sand Springs. We are trying to capture that same caring spirit of Charles Page, along with tourism aspects in a modernized way"

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As changes take place, Rogers said there has been some hesitation from business owners uncertain whether the city will follow through. He hopes those doubts will be relieved soon.

"A lot of people have heard this in the past and want to see if we will follow through," Rogers said. "We feel Sand Springs is headed in the direction it is destined to go, and we are going to make sure we get there."  

City of Sand Springs marketing manager Melissa Carlson said other than the district renaming, there has been no official public announcement of the city's rebranding and redevelopment efforts, but officials hope to have more details in the coming months.

"We are going to meet as a staff in a few weeks and get our plans into writing," she said. 

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