Garfield Elementary raises money for new playground equipment through community donations

SAND SPRINGS - A Sand Springs school is looking to rebuild after an October fire destroyed its playground.

Last fall, a student poured gasoline on the Garfield Elementary playground in the evening hours and set fire to the equipment. Officials said the district had just purchased the equipment the previous school year.

Since then, Sand Springs Public Schools and members of the community have begun working to rebuild the area for Garfield's students, said principal Teresa Ledbetter.

"We received about $12,000 from insurance, but the cost is about $50,000," Ledbetter said.

In recent months, Ledbetter said the school has received numerous donations from organizations around Sand Springs and beyond. The school has raised more than $9,000 so far.

"It's not only Sand Springs, and that has been exciting," Ledbetter said. "I have a list of about 22 to 24 people and outside agencies that are giving."

Ledbetter's list includes student organizations that raise funds around their campuses, a church that held a hot dog sale at Bass Pro Shop, Daylight Counseling Services that donated $1,600 through their Christmas fundraiser and a college student who personally gave $100.

The construction company responsible for the installation of the new playground also took off an additional $12,000 if Garfield would provide the labor.

"We are well on our way," Ledbetter said.

The new playground was installed last week, and Garfield hopes to schedule a student/parent work day to place mulch in the play area in the coming weeks.

Ledbetter said a ribbon cutting for the playground is expected to take place in May.

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