Sand Springs Police Chief on school safety

Sand Springs, Okla. - Sand Springs Police Chief Daniel Bradley spoke with 2NEWS and gave is thoughts on school safety.

"Of all the places, our schools should be a safe place for our children," he said.  "We should be at work, while our children are at school, knowing they are taken care of and safe."

Bradley would like to start discussing ways to further ensure students' well-being.

He thinks it may be time to allow some staff and faculty members to carry weapons.

"I know some teachers, some principals and coaches, that have the skill level and the mindset to let them carry, with training, in our schools," he said.

Despite any future changes in policy, however, he does have a warning.

"There is not an absolute security system that you can put in to a school to eliminate all of the 'what-ifs,'" he said.

Tulsa Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Keith Ballard will address the issue of school security at a press conference, on Monday morning.

He will be joined by Mayor Dewey Bartlett, Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan and TPS Police Chief Gary Ruddick.

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