Salena Handy: Tulsa woman goes missing from 63rd and Lewis area, last seen Aug. 17

TULSA - Tulsa police are searching for a woman they say is missing and possibly endangered.

Salena Handy, 35, was last seen Aug. 17 around 7 p.m. walking southbound on Lewis from the Blue Turtle Tavern bar near 63rd Street.

Police say she was wearing a white dress with multi-colored hearts and carrying a green purse.  Salena has not been seen or heard from since.

"Please help us and our family find out what's going on," said her husband James "Jimy" Handy. "Somebody has to know something. She just doesn't disappear without no one seeing anything."

Jimy is a bartender at the Blue Turtle and said Salena was drunk so he "cut her off" from alcohol. He said Salena got mad and started walking down Lewis.  He ran after her but she kept walking.

"She wasn't going to stop. I thought maybe she would walk down the street, cool off, and come back. That was 10 days ago," he said.

Jimy told 2NEWS the couple, married now 11 years, sometimes fights, which even resulted in her leaving for a day in the past. But he said after the second day he knew something was wrong.

Tulsa detectives said Jimy reported Salena missing Monday, nine days after he last saw her.

Jimy said Salena has been taking Prozac for the last month.

Noelle Pernetter, Jimy's daughter, said she's searched Facebook, Twitter and Instagram the last 48 hours looking for any clues. She's also watching people's comments on social media and news sites about her stepmother's disappearance.

"Ignorant comments aren't nice about my dad. I don't appreciate that, saying he needs to be investigated," she said. "We are doing all we can here. I don't like that. My dad is a good guy, don't bash his name."

Anyone with information about Salena's whereabouts is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (918) 596-COPS.

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