Rogers County Sheriff's Office foils attempted escape

TULSA - Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton says a quick thinking maintenance man helped foil an escape attempt by two men in the county jail.

Michael McNickle and Jerome Shavers could now both face attempted escape charges.

On Wednesday, Walton says the maintenance man noticed a vent on the roof of the jail had been knocked over.

Investigators quickly realized that it had been kicked out from inside the jail's kitchen area.

They also believe a spoon had been used to help pry loose certain pieces of the vent.

Investigators say they found shoe prints inside the vent, as well.

Prisoners with special privileges are allowed to wear their own shoes.

Investigators say they traced those prints back the shoes worn by McNickle and Shavers.

"It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to catch these overachievers in their mission here," Walton said. "I think when the smoke clears on this deal, they'll feel pretty stupid about it and they probably should."

Walton tells 2NEWS that no one was ever escaped from the Rogers County jail and he is happy that that track record will continue.

"This jail is 13 years old and certainly this part of it has never been tried before," he said.

Investigators believe that McNickle and Shavers knocked out the vent not only to escape, but also to help them receive contraband.

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