Road crews ready for winter weather

TULSA - Workers with the City of Tulsa and the Oklahoma Department of Transportation are on standby, in preparation for the winter weather heading toward the area.

Crews for both, have already filled trucks with salt and sand.

Tulsa has 62 trucks, while ODOT has 44, for Tulsa County.

"We continue to watch the weather like everyone else," said Leon Kragel, with the City of Tulsa's Street Maintenance Department. "If we see that it's starting to come in, or getting closer and we need to start reporting, than we will start calling all employees."

Both Kragel and Martin Stewart, from ODOT, say it does not matter if the storm hits on Christmas.

"The guys are going to stay with their families as long as they can for Christmas day, but when they get the phone call, we'll be there," Stewart said.

Both Stewart and Kragel know that many people will be traveling for the holiday, but they are asking anyone who can to stay home.

If drivers do encounter the trucks or plows, they say it is important to give them space.




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