Riverside Neighborhood watch starts Facebook page to curb Tulsa crime

TULSA - A Tulsa resident says she's tired of the consistent crime in her neighborhood, and has joined a city-led task force to try and improve the area.

Nedra Babcock, a 30-year resident of the Riverside neighborhood, says she felt obligated to take an active role in the area because she's " tired of the helicopters at all hours of the night flying over looking for people."

"We've seen it get worse and worse," she said. "We want to do whatever it takes to get it cleaned up."

Babcock is excited to see the  Riverside Neighborhood Watch Facebook page, created just days ago.

The residents who run the page say it's for people to post pictures and information about suspicious activity.

"This will be helpful in a lot of ways," said retired TPD officer Bart Dean, who supervises the Alert Neighbor programs for the Crime Prevention Network.

He says anything that help neighbors coordinate their efforts is a good thing.
"I'm hoping that through all the organization with the city, with the Crime Prevention Network and with all the people in the neighborhood and the coalition that is going on, that we can make that a safe place for everyone to live," Dean said.

Babcock believes these measure will make a difference.

"Get a heart for it ... That is what it's going to take," she said.

People who live in the Riverside Neighborhood are invited to Tuesday night's Alert Neighbors Meeting. It will be held at the Spirit Life Church as 55th and Peoria at 5:30 p.m.

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