Rides, animals move in as Tulsa State Fair prepares for opening night

TULSA - Tulsa State Fair ride inspections were conducted Wednesday, a day before cotton candy and stuffed animals cover the grounds.

They didn't quite go off without a hitch.

One ride, the Orbiter, was deemed to dangerous. Faulty hydraulics have plagued the ride in past years, and inspectors say this year it won't be up and running unless major changes are made.

The Orbiter is only one of nearly 60 rides, and the only to be ruled out so far for the coming fair season. Five Oklahoma Labor Department inspectors examine each ride in order to provide an accurate analysis and a safe environment for riders.

Most of the rides arrived at the fairgrounds Tuesday and much of the day was spent setting them up.

Tulsa State Fair manager Amanda Blair said the rides are all here via Albuquerque, N.M. where the New Mexico State Fair recently ended its run.

"The inspections are a top priority at the Tulsa State Fair," said Blair. "Safety is always the No. 1 concern and all the rides will be inspected before they operate starting opening night on Thursday."

If a ride does not pass inspection it will not open until the issues are resolved.

About 12,000 different animals were also new additions Tuesday. They will all need veterinary certificates of health before showtime.

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