Reward money to be refunded in Rogers County dog death investigation

ROGERS COUNTY, Okla. - Update: A Rogers County spokesman has revealed new details into a Rogers County dog death. Officials say the dog was never tied up behind a vehicle and dragged. The Rogers County Sheriff Office is not expected to pursue the incident as an animal cruelty case.  2News has updated the story here ( )


Here is our original story.

After a Rogers County dog was brutally killed last weekend, thousands of dollars poured in for a reward for information on the suspect(s).

Jetta was found dead Saturday. She had given birth to a litter of puppies just a few weeks earlier.

News of Jetta's death traveled quickly and a reward was pledged by followers of Wild Heart Ranch's Facebook page , the Humane Society of United States of Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Alliance for animals.

Former University of Oklahoma and Dallas Cowboy head coach Barry Switzer doubled the reward , bringing it to $10,000.

On Tuesday, Rogers County authorities announced a man came forward, admitting he killed Jetta.

The man, whose name has not been released, has not been arrested, but Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton says it will be up to the district attorney's office to file any charges.

As the investigation is now complete, Wild Heart Ranch is preparing to refund the reward money.

Annette King Tucker, director of Wild Heart Ranch Wildlife Rescue, posted Wednesday on the ranch's Facebook page that the refund process will begin Thursday.

Tomorrow myself and my crew will begin the process of offering refunds to EVERY donor who donated to the reward money. We ask that every person contacted via email let us know clearly what they would like done with the money. Refunded or used for our rescue efforts here. The puppies are covered either way. I will make sure, regardless of the determination that Jetta's puppies get the care they need and all find good homes. I promised Jetta and her family. I will make good on that promise.

If you have a check in the mail, on its way, we will call you at the number listed on the check. All will be contacted EXCEPT those who noted with the donation "for your rescue" that were specifically sent to us to use for the monumental challenge we face here daily. We are a non profit and we get donations, even when we are on another mission altogether.

WILD THANKS for all of the completely unexpected support and attention to this story by our followers and dog people from around the country. Special thanks to the HSUS, Oklahoma Alliance for Animals, Coach and Mrs. Switzer and especially my crew for coping with the utter and complete chaos this brought into our little rescue operation. I am SO sorry. I am getting back to work now. We've done all we can do, and it may be that the judgment for this case is left to our maker here. In that I do have complete faith, if any crime occurred here.

Much love to all of you all and your animal friends. I've been hugging my pups a little closer lately. I'm sure I'm not alone.

-Annette King Tucker
Director, Wild Heart Ranch Wildlife Rescue

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