Rev. Jesse Jackson's message resonates with north Tulsa community

TULSA - Members of First Baptist Church North Tulsa were excited to hear Civil Rights Leader Reverend Jesse Jackson preach Sunday's message of unity.

The three-day visit by Jackson was prompted by the recent shooting deaths of three African Americans.

Hundreds filled the church many of them members other just visiting to hear him speak. Ralph Knight, Jr. has been a church member for more than 50 years.

"Years ago Martin Luther King Jr., preached out of this same pulpit, and now he's standing in the footsteps of King," he said.  

Jackson told the congregation, the recent tragedy should be used as a building block for the city and community.

"The tragedy, will cause us to look at ourselves, the city," he said. "God uses a terrorist and death to bring in new life."

Church members hope the visit will be unifying force for the community.

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