Rev. Jesse Jackson speaks about visit to Tulsa and ties to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

TULSA - Reverend Jesse Jackson is in Tulsa this weekend speaking out about the shooting spree, which he says is a hate crime, to gun laws and Tulsa race issues.

Jackson is doing it all from First Baptist Church of North Tulsa, to which has a special tie.

"We date back to 1899," said Anthony Scott, pastor of the north Tulsa church, which is the oldest African American congregation in the city.

"we are also distinguished because we were the only church to survive the 1921 Race Riot," said Scott.

That survival was followed by a thriving.

"Dr. Martin Luther King spoke from this pulpit. Obviously he was addressing civil rights," said Scott.

That's why Jackson is making it his place of business this weekend. He says he's a disciple of Dr. King, continuing his message.

Jackson yells out to a crowd: "Are there racial tensions in Tulsa? Yes"

Jackson says he's here to speak about equality and he will be devising a plan with Tulsa members of the NAACP and black legislators.

They will also want changes to Oklahoma laws.

Jackson is calling the north Tulsa shooting spree a hate crime. He says Oklahoma's penalty for the suspects, 19-year-old Jake England and 33-year-old Alvin Watts, isn't justice.

"A hate crime must be a felony and not a misdemeanor," said Jackson.  "A hate crime cannot just be the price of doing business."

Jackson is not completely satisfied with the formal charges.

He says, "This is a first down, not a touch down. This is a charge not a conviction and the poison they represent is in the air. We must all close ranks -- white and black alike -- and end this growth of terrorism."

Jackson would also like to repeal the stand your ground law and not pass open carry.

Jackson said, "We have too much access to too many deadly weapons. Weapons of mass destruction."

There are two rallies this weekend. The first is at First Baptist Church of North Tulsa Saturday at 6 p.m. The second rally is Sunday.

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