Residents stock up on winter weather supplies

TULSA - With snow expected to blanket the area on Christmas, residents rushed to stock up on winter weather supplies on Tuesday.

Workers at Best Electric and Hardware in midtown Tulsa reported heavy traffic as soon as the store opened.

"It's been busy since eight [o'clock] this morning so I'm sure today everybody will be coming in," said Richard Womack, manager of Best Electric and Hardware.

Tulsa resident Leslie Paris stopped by to purchase ice melt and windshield de-icer.

Paris said she is looking forward to a white Christmas.

"Well, I hope we have a little snow actually. I think that would be nice, but I don't want more than a few inches," said Paris.

Tulsa resident Katie Saunders purchased ice melt but had no expectations about the snow storm.

"We've had some bad weather, but we also have a lot of forecasts that don't quite hit the mark," said Saunders.

Womack said the top-selling items included snow shovels, ice melter and scrapers.

Womack said his store would remain open a little later than usual on Christmas Eve.

"Sometimes people prepare ahead of time, but usually when you get closer to actual prediction, we get busier," said Womack.

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