Residents say homes rattled by blasting at landfill

OSAGE COUNTY, Okla. - Residents in southern Osage and western Tulsa counties say their homes are being rattled.

It's not because of earthquakes, rather blasting at a nearby landfill.

American Environmental Landfill is in the process of creating a new landfill near 177th West Avenue.

Because the ground at the new site is rocky, the company has to blast.

Some residents said they were not informed about the blasting when the project was first proposed.

"This is something we did not anticipate several years ago. This was something we did not know to make as a major concern when it was presented," said Charlotte Hardgrave, a concerned resident.

Hardgrave addressed her concerns at a meeting of the Osage County adjustment board on Thursday.

Several residents attended the meeting. Some addressed frustration with the whole project. Most, however, were concerned about the blasting.

Hardgrave said she was satisfied with the response from the company at the meeting.

American Environmental said the blasting should end next week.

The company's general manager said residents are welcomed to call or stop by his office with any questions or concerns.

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